Did my first ever body-painting modelling, for Yinmai at the group art show of ‘The collision inside the Secret Garden of the Museum of Innocence’

my body painting _0

my body painting _1

my body painting _2

my body painting _3


Zombie project

This was done in the winter of 2009 -2010, the negatives are buried in a transparent bowl, which was filled with a mixture of mud and instant coffee. The bowl was left outside the Slade school of fine art for a night, and captured whatever happened there and then. The negatives are then developed in an ordinary dark room and scanned in order by me.


A tape job

Earlier last month, we taped 2 models for a club night in Beijing. Inspired by the famous ‘THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT’, we did our first white tape version on 2 amazing dancers – which turned out to be not such a good idea, as once they were taped, dancing like animals seems impossible.



Copyright of this photo : 8MM club


Well prepared.


My girl Cash is working on the detailed clips


The models are actually very creative and professional on make-up.


Of course I have my photograph taken with them :)